Parts processing

Workmanship has always required high accuracy with repeatability. Operators can handle the part process, but for many highly skilled employees, routine work can become boring, leading to errors, downtime, loss of productivity, and even accidents. While automating repetitive tasks makes sense, skilled people are still needed to respond to planned changes using mechanisms and other elements.

Workpiece Automation

Automation of part processing requires tools that provide repeatability, accuracy and a flexible response to changes in parts. Collaborative robots are an ideal solution. They make it easy to program any operations and quickly move around in rooms with workstations. From now on, simply program the action, and the robot will do the rest with the same quality 24/7/365. In addition, the robot can be equipped with a vision system for evaluating the working environment, determining the location of objects and visual inspection of products. You can upgrade your HCR with a force sensor that allows you to work with a sense of strength.

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