Cobot as a new way to automate processes

In recent years, a new generation of robots called cobots has evolved.
Cobot in other words is a collaborative robot. Cobot is a major innovation that has the potential to be a major breakthrough in the manufacturing industry. The goal is for the cobot to take on simple, tedious, time-consuming, and exhausting tasks. This will free up staff so that they can develop and learn about other tasks while continuing to grow in the production chain.
Unlike other robots, the cobot often runs at low load and speed without security. Cobot is designed to be safe for the people around it. It has a very sensitive sensor that immediately stops traffic if the cobot touches an obstacle. This is to avoid potential danger or injury. When a person moves away, he resumes his work. Security requirements are determined by the program, not by the cobot itself.
Cobot is relatively easy and can be moved from task to task if necessary. Anyone who can use a smartphone or tablet can also program Cobot. Another aspect that speaks in favor of cobot is that it is cheap compared to other robotic solutions.

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