Trainings are provided at the ELSYS – GROUP training center, directly at the client’s or in the HANHWA training center in Frankfurt. Training programs are conducted by experienced trainers who have extensive practical knowledge of HCR collaborative robots. Training consists of both the theoretical part but the majority of them are held on the works. During the training, many applications are made so that after the training, the HCR robot service does not have any secrets for users.

Courses programm

Courses are available in the following modules:

HCR Elementary - 1 day

Training containing the basics of HCR robot programming in the RODI environment. Participants are introduced to the methods of HCR robot programming based on simple pick and place tasks. The possibilities of using additional vision systems, force sensors, construction and configuration of grippers, commissioning and installation of the robot are presented. The contents provided during the training are illustrated with simple examples of tasks on the robot.

HCR Advanced - 2 days

Training related toadvanced programming. During the training, the knowledge presented previously on the Elementary training is deepened – discussed, among others, advanced issues regarding robot movement, RODI software system operation and external systems. The content provided during the training are numerous examples of tasks on the robot – the participants learning the possibilities of building multivariant programs. Participants go through the entire spectrum of problem solving – from selecting and configuring grippers dedicated to the HCR robot, by writing the program code, to optimizing the robot’s movement in a given case. It is possible to programm the application provided by the participants of the training.

Individual technical training – on request

Individual training provides a knowledge resource that is detailed at the reconciliation stage. As part of this training, the selected topic is discussed in a very detailed way with many examples aimed at strengthening the competences. This training can include advanced Cobot programming and integration with specialized accessories dedicated to the application.

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