collaborative robot programming - HCR Academy Online

Learn how to program the HCR robot in tens of minutes online

Welcome to the HCR Academy, where you will learn the secrets of programming collaborative robots distributed by CoRobotics. At the HCR Academy, you can learn how to program robots based on prepared multimedia courses.

Intro – 2:56 min
Get acquainted with how to use the video material and quickly learn how to program HCR robots. In a simple and accessible way, step by step to learn the secrets of HCR cobots.

Robot Installation & GUI – 11:58 min
– Mounting setting (System installation)
– Graphic User interface (Menu and Pages)
– How to use RODI basically

Manual Control – 26:40 min
– How to move robot useing manual control
– How to use Jog and Manual input
– About Frame and Rotation motion of Robot

Robot Setting – 26:40 min
– TCP setting
– I/O Setup
– Coordinates functions
– Global
– I/O bit operation

Safety Setting – 16:35 min
– General Safety function
– Motion limit
– Redundant I/O
– How to make safety boundary and tool boundary

Programming GUI – 21:23 min
– Graphic user interface of Programming screen
– How to add commands
– How to manage program tree
– How to copy and paste, skip commands (Edit function)
– How to manage program variables

Movement Programming – 26:55 min
– About 4 kinds of Movement type (Including examples)
– How to use frame function in movement command
– How to make Radius and continous linear movement
– How to make relative motion

Basic Commands – 37:34 min
How to use each basic command and exaple
– Sub program
– Folders, Message, Halt

Advanced Commands – 32:09 min
How to use Advanced commands
– Vision setting & vision command
– Pattern
– Path command

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