Robot with 12 kg payload and 1300 mm reach is dedicated for operations with heavy weight elements. Especially fits for palletizing applications.

Number of Axis



1300 mm


0.1 mm


12 kg


220×227 mm

Working conditions

IP 54

Technical Data - HCR-3 Arm
Technical Data - Teach Pendant
Technical data - controller
RODI software

Intuitive RODI software with a graphical user interface allows you to easily operate the HCR robot. Using traditional industrial robots required programming knowledge and multi-week training. The RODI software allows you to easily and intuitively program people without expert knowledge. In order to program it is enough to put appropriate icons on the timeline, use ready-made templates or programs.

RODI benefits
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Friendly icons placed chronologically on the axis
  • Ready templates of the most used functions
  • Ready programs
  • Easy integration with external devices
  • Ready base of Plug’n’Play devices
RODI software
Build your own programs using scripts
Intuitive interface with time-axis
Key benefits


HCR collaborative robots, work continuously 24/7/365 performing tasks in difficult industrial conditions. They ensure 100% repeatability, accuracy of work. Numerous applications in the country and abroad confirm the rapid return on investment in the HCR robot. The robot, due to its flexibility of application and the speed of implementation, returns already in 6 months and we meet an application where the return takes place after 2 months. These are cases where the precision of the robot allows to minimize material losses and eliminate costly quality errors.


After removing the HCR robot from the box, it takes just an hour to start and program the first task. HCR robots are equipped with an intuitive graphical user interface in 3D, which allows you to program the robot after several dozen minutes of learning. In a simple way we can show what the robot has to do – by moving its arm from point to point, we can write complicated motion paths by showing what is particularly useful in applications requiring complex movements. The robot’s implementation has never been so fast and easy.


HCR robots are designed for hard continuous operation in industrial conditions. They work persistently for 24 hours with high precision and full repeatability of the task. Thanks to the special construction that ensures long-term, reliable work in difficult industrial conditions, these robots provide a confident and rapid increase in investment. They increase the crew’s satisfaction, protecting them from monotonous and dangerous tasks. Employees can now focus on work with higher value added for the company.


Thanks to the ease of programming, mobility, a wealth of additional accessories, HCR robots will cope with the infinite number of applications, working efficiently 365 days a year. After the finished task can be it’s easy to move the HCR robot on the mobile basis, change the gripper and start another task. HCR robots do not rest. After finishing the task they will immediately deal with further work, increasing the efficiency of your company.

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