General description

The Robotiq FT-300 force and torque sensor  allows you to perform tasks that require force detection. Its use facilitates tasks related to matching elements, polishing, pressing, latching, and sensing elements with sensitive touch.

  • Applications using sensitive force and torque control
  • Force and Torque control in real time
  • Compatible with HCR robots
  • Programmable tool weight based on a TCP point
  • Force CoPilot programming interface
  • Precise placing, snapping, aligning, inserting elements based on force & torque measurement 
Technical data
  • Maximum range of force measurement in Fx, Fy, Fz – ± 300 N
  • The maximum range of torque measurement in Mx, My, Mz – ± 30 Nm
  • Sensitivity of force measurement – 0.1 N
  • Sensitivity of torque measurement in X and Y axes – 0.005 Nm
  • Sensitivity of torque measurement in the Z axis – 0.003 Nm
  • Data frequency – 100 Hz
  • Working temperature –  15oC -+35oC
  • Weight – 300 g 
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