General description

The Robotiq three-fingered gripper allows you to pick up complex, diverse objects thanks to independent fingers that adapt to many shapes and objects. Thanks to the advanced construction of the gripper, we can easily handle objects of almost any shape and hardness.

  • 4 types of grips: basic, scissor, wide, pinching
  • 3 independent fingers
  • Separate information from each finger: strength, speed, position
  • Gripps objects of any shape adapting to the shape and hardness of the object
  • Grips an element with different shapes and weights Task automation using one adaptive gripper You program in a few minutes
Technical data
  • Object diameter – 20 … 155 mm
  • Grip strength – 30 … 70 N
  • Load capacity – 2.5 kg [10 kg with your fingers closed]
  • Gripper weight – 2.3 kg
  • Communication – EtherCAT, ModBUS TCP / IP
  • Working temperature – -10oC … + 50oC
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