Pokrowiec CoPROTECT

General description

The CoPROTECT robot suit cover allows the use of the HCR-5 | 12 robot in particularly aggressive environments for painting, polishing, sanding, grading and welding applications. Made of a fabric suitable for a given process, it allows a full range of movements while maintaining the strength necessary for 24/7/365 continuous operation.

  • Designed for HCR-5 | 12 robots
  • Rugged material
  • Anti-static properties [resistance to dust, dust]
  • Resistant to chemical agents [paints, varnishes]
  • High mechanical strength for torsion, wiping, bending
  • Material free of substances interfering with the process [silkony, fats, fillers]

5: HCR-5
12: HCR-12

A: Welding
B: polishing, deburring, varnishing
C: Other on special order

A: Orange
W: White
Y: Yellow

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