General description

The base allows free movement of the robot between work cells or machines, which ensures flexible use of HCR robots for many applications. By integrating the robotic arm, controller and learning pilot on one basis, it is possible to move the robot quickly and easily to other tasks only after disconnecting it from the power supply. In the case of several robot work locations, you can optionally install special positioning sockets that provide identical positioning of the set without the need to calibrate the coordinates in a given application. Mobile bases are perfect for one robot or several machines at the production line. In addition, the base for the robot HCR-12 has a height adjustment of the column, which is extremely important for palletizing applications.

Pedestal HCR-3|5
Pedestal HCR-12

The mobile base is equipped with comfortable industrial wheels and a locking system for the ground. The HCR collaborative robot increases its capabilities because it allows it to be easily and quickly adapted to subsequent positions without the need for assembly and disassembly. The device was designed for HCR-3 | 5 robots and a separate version for HCR-12. The device has a place to mount the controller and learning pilot, which creates a mobile robotic station. The base is made in the form of a base mounted on industrial wheels with four anchor bolts next to each wheel. A column is mounted on the base on which the HCR robot arm is installed. The whole is made of steel covered with black powder paint. The right weight ensures the stability of the robot during operation.

Technical data - HCR-3|5
Technical data - HCR-12
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