Parts processing

Workmanship has always required high accuracy with repeatability. Operators can handle the part process, but for many highly skilled employees, routine work can become boring, leading to errors, downtime, loss of productivity, and even accidents. While automating repetitive tasks makes sense, skilled people are still needed to respond to planned changes using mechanisms and other …

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XVIII International Industrial Forum

Elsys – Group comp., together with partners from IntraMotion, introduced a fully automatic product supply line at the international exhibition in Kiev. This shows how flexible the Cobot HCR is. Moving, palletizing, packaging, welding, gluing, painting and screwing are simple and typical operations for the collaborative robots HCR .

Production automation and development barriers

Automation Production automation is a process that aims to optimize the production process and, as a result, increase efficiency. Historically speaking, production automation has been with us for many years. Recently, it is particularly visible through the popularization of robotics. Even 50 years ago, robotics were reserved for large factories, mainly from the automotive industry, …

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HCR in pre-painting

Last week I was at HANEX Industrial Painting, where I saw how a robot can increase the efficiency and accuracy of production operations. This time another application from HCR, consisting of surface preparation based on accurate purification with ionized air. Both speed and distance from the prepared part are important here. The HCR robot does …

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