HCR welding robot

About application

In general, welding is a difficult task requiring experience. It is unquestionably work in difficult conditions due to the gases generated during the process. Now you can reduce them to a minimum. From now on, the welding collaborative robot precisely will follow a precisely determined path with the adapted speed, while simultaneously controlling the welding parameters. As a result, dynamically adjusted process parameters will be ensured, depending on the object being welded. Welding can take place in many techniques, including TIG, MIG, point, arc, ultrasonic and plasma. Thanks to this solution, we achieve 100% repeatable high quality while maintaining constant speed. From now on you can achieve 100% repeatability and high quality. Additionally, you do not have to expose employees to work in difficult conditions. Welding robots are the perfect solution for your company.


  • precise guidance of the welding tool at a specific speed
  • control of the welding tool and dosing of welding agents
  • welding with techniques: TIG, MIG, point, arc, ultrasonic and plasma
  • special protective cover on the robot’s arm
  • welding any shape: straight lines, corners, circle with dynamic speed control adapted to the welded element
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