Test & inspection robot

About application

It is obvious that tests and inspection have been used so far to detect damaged parts or scan codes. Mainly concerned production lines with high speeds and large production volumes.

As a result, the systems were based on parts delivered in different positions, they were expensive and required costly re-configurations on any line changes. Given this, producers of small or personalized series were doomed to use manual manpower.

Unfortunately, these activities required great skill and dexterity. At the same time, they were tiring, which often led to mistakes. And because of the variety of lines, automation of these activities has not been profitable until now. Robots for testing open new possibilities for these tasks. Equally useful are inspection robots that help in automating production processes.


  • control and operation of code readers, text, symbols
  • integration with external quality control systems and sensors
  • control of feeders and transporters of elements to / from the machine
  • quality control using a force sensor
  • visual inspection of details in 2D / 3D technique in full color
  • any control activity on the test bench based on the tools installed at the end of the robot’s arm 
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