Robots for polishing, grinding & cleaning

About application

Always polishing, grinding & cleaining of surfaces required high precision and accuracy. It is obvious that this task requires experience. Repetitive movement and precise control of the angle and pressure of the polishing tool are necessary.

As a result, in the case of tasks performed by employees, it is easy for an error resulting in the destruction of the workpiece. The solution to this problem are robots for polishing and process automation. So far, it was only possible with long series due to the high programming costs.

From now on all operations will be performed by polishing robots. As a result, we gain high quality with full efficiency for 24 hours of work.


  • precise guidance of the polishing tool on curved planes
  • control of the polishing tool
  • control of force and moment allowing for even surface polishing
  • polishing the precisely determined path
  • polishing of any objects and surfaces: circular, cubic, irregular planes with speed control adapted to the polished element
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