PCB/ICT Handling

About application

Historically, operations with printed circuits (PCB’s) and circuit testing (ICT) have historically been difficult applications for full automation. Due to the delicate nature of the parts and the frequency of switching signals. As a result, solutions in the field of automation have been successfully introduced into the assembly process.

In contrast, people still carry out post-production tasks, such as loading and unloading tiles for testing devices. These manual, repeatable operations are characterized by low value added, require a high level of flexibility for the series changes.

Recently, PCB handling robots have become a flexible tool for handling short and medium production runs. From now on, all tasks are performed by ICT and PCB robots, which in a few minutes will teach you how to use new types of tiles and tests.


  • control of ICT testers
  • reading bar codes, printed characters and symbols
  • assembly of elements in latch housings, screwing, wrapping, marking
  • gently placing the plates in the sockets using a force sensor
  • precise protection painting of PCB’s
  • any action at the machine based on the installed tools at the end of the robot arm
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