Palletizing robots

About application

Palletizing involves work in the entire area of ​​the pallet and production line, often with significant loads. Many hours of work associated with laying packages on the pallet is associated with a significant workload and fatigue.

This type of work is influenced by not using the process fluency. The palletization of the robot ensures efficient and precisely performed work. The robot receives packaging from a specific place, eg a line, and arranges it on a pallet according to the pattern and specified number of layers, while remembering about the use of interlayer layers.

Palletizing learning is just showing the place from which to download the box, determining the four corners of the pallet and entering the number of boxes on each of the two sides of the pallet. In addition, you can insert the inserts and determine how many layers to be laid, everything is done by palletizing robots, precisely and quickly without any fatigue.


  • locating, downloading, arranging according to a specific pattern
  • integration and control of lines, transporters
  • picking & placing according to given patterns with control of layers and spacers
  • precise placing on pallets with the use of a detection force sensor neighboring packages
  • control, reading codes and text any packaging activity on the bench based on the tools installed at the end of the robot’s arm
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