Packaging robots

About application

Packaging tasks are among the most repetitive
and monotonous in every factory. Types of tasks performed – layering, receipt, packaging and sorting – require responding to frequent changes on the line and in its immediate environment. Packing robots come with the help here.

In addition, market changes, such as reducing batch size and greater product diversification, as well as higher demand for traceability and compliance, generate the need for flexibility on the production line to maintain customer satisfaction. The need for flexibility has so far prevented the robotization of most packaging-related tasks and was a candidate for automation by packaging robots. From now on packaging robots can pack into bulk packaging, create sets of so-called mixes of products and segregate.


  • locating, downloading, stacking, closing packages, rotating
  • integration and control of lines, transporters and box erectors
  • laying and downloading according to given patterns with control of layers and spacers
  • precise placing in packs and extrusions with the use of a force sensor
  • video location, quality control and code reading
    any packaging activity on the bench based on the tools installed at the end of the robot arm, among others grippers, edgebanders, readers, etc.


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