Moulding operations robot

About application

Robots for injection molding machines bring significant benefits in the automation of injection-molding processes. Although they are precise and efficient, these fixed industrial automation systems have limited flexibility and are not easily reconfigurable when production needs change. Despite the increase in productivity, plastics manufacturers still face difficult challenges. With the increase in customer requirements for comprehensive product traceability and 100% parts inspection, manufacturers are forced to offset rising production costs in advance, as well as to reduce the risk associated with increased product shortages and returns. Add to this the variability of the production series calculated in hours, for example changes in injection molds and new products, and Workers often work to the limit – and it becomes very clear that plastics manufacturers need a new tool for factory automation. Robots for injection molding machines is an excellent tool that helps in achieving business goals.


  • locating, loading and unloading the injection mold, machining of molded parts
  • precise quality control of every detail
  • laying according to a given pattern in cartons, on a pallet or other packaging
  • precise placing in packs and extrusions with the use of a force sensor
  • cutting the fillings after the injection of plastic, marking with codes and text
  • any operation for the operation of injection molding machines based on tools installed at the end of the robot arm, among others grippers, edgebanders, readers, etc. 


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