Robots for loading and unloading - production lines robotization

About application

Generally, there are elements for loading and unloading on the assembly line, conveyor or rotary table. In addition, their laying and receiving is carried out by employees to maintain the continuity of the production line. Certainly these tasks require little skills, but they are boring and repetitive. Robots for loading and unloading work eliminate this problem.

After a few hours of work, it’s easy to lose your attention and make mistakes. As a result, there is a loss of quality, and in extreme cases accidents at work occur. Automation of tasks at a lower level seemed impossible – especially since production lines were constantly changed or modified.

Most often, this took place with short series of products. Now, the programmable HCR collaborative robot is able to handle the operations of the line quickly and easily, even in short and medium production runs.


  • control of conveyor belts and conveyors
  • integration with external security systems
  • service of stop gates, positioners
  • touch control using a force sensor
  • visual location of elements, quality control and bar code reading
  • any action based on the tools installed at the end of the robot’s arm 


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