Robots for assembling & glueing

About application

There is no doubt that assembly of elements and screwing is a monotonous operation. At the same time, speed, repeatability and accuracy play an important role. As a result, it is difficult to work in focus with the same efficiency for several hours. Remember to keep the speed of the production line. When there is time pressure and routine, then unintentional errors occur.

From now on, the assembly work, just like the screwing robots, will do everything without getting tired. In addition, they will do it with full focus, they will also ensure 100% repeatability and high quality of assembly.

Not without significance is the ability of the HCR-3 robot to have an unlimited number of revolutions of the last wrist, and as a result it can tighten the bolts and nuts without additional tooling. From now the assembly can be free of errors. And all while maintaining speed, around the clock.


  • assembly based on placing, screwing, latching, turning, cutting off
  • integration with external quality control systems and sensors
  • control of the production line and station elements
  • precise assembly using a force sensor
  • video location, quality control and code reading
  • any control activity on the test bench based on the tools installed at the end of the robot arm, among others screwdrivers, etc.


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